What is Document Management (DMS)?

A Document Management System is a computer service/software used to manage , store , track and organize the business documents. DMS is mainly used in organizations,as it is the best solution to decrease cost and increase revenue.

CDOC is one of the best document management system as a cloud application, which controls and organizes documents thorughout the organization. It incorporates document and content capture, workflow, document repositories, information retrieval systems and a online form builder


Paperless Office

Paperless Electronic office

Main focus to have DMS is paperless office. Meaning to say that reduce paper and storage space. Everything scanned and maintain as electronic document in cloud or local systems. 

Cloud DMS

Cloud DMS 

Cloud Based Document management system helps to store all the documents in cloud. Access documents from anywhere and just need internet connection.


On-Premise DMS

Some of the customer prefer on-premise model so, they can setup DMS system on their own site whether its local or own cloud. 

Data Security

Data Security

DMS helps to restrict the document from unauthorised attempts. All the documents shared with high level encryption.

Audit Log

Audit Trails

Every proper DMS comes with audit trail which helps to track document history like who create the file, edit, share, delete with date.

Benefits Of Document Management System

  • Access Documents Quicker
  • Reduced Storage Needs
  • Improved Disaster Recovery
  • Secured Documents
  • Easy Maintenance and Customization
  • Reduce Costs and Save Environment
  • Save Manpower

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