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CDOC BASIC - Perpetual Software License

CDOC basic perpetual software license is a sort of software license that entitles an individual to use an application endlessly. It has limited features but comes with all essential elements in the document management system. Usually, outside of termination, a perpetual software license allows the buyer to use a specific version of a given software program regularly with payment of a one-time fee.

Along with a perpetual software license, the CDOC support team typically provides a technical support period of one year. During this initial period, the vendor also provides software updates often. However, updates may not be provided for free forever.

With the CDOC perpetual software licensing method, a customer spends an upfront charge for the software license as well as a limited supplemental support period during which additional benefits are included. After the support period expires, the customer has the option of continuing to use the current version of the software without additional support or paying a lower-cost fee to subscribe again for support and upgrade versions.

The advantage of CDOC perpetual software licensing is decaying as subscription-based licensing progress in popularity. This development may be in part a result of perpetual software licensing’s high initial cost. But when we compare the pricing to subscription the one-time fee is favorable for the customers.

Also, this licensing model works only for those who need the document management software system locally on their computers. So, all the data backup has done manually by the users.

CDOC Enterprise Plan

Enterprise Plan for all companies who can host DMS on their cloud or on-premise environment.

CDOC customer cloud plan, all your documents are in the vendor's cloud and it is available for mobile access anytime and anywhere that you have internet.

CDOC customer On-Premise plan allows more customization as the DMS sits on your local server, and you're not limited to contract-level storage. IT maintenance may be extra, and you'll need to implement back-up rules in case your server goes down.



Highlighted Features Enterprise Edition Standard Edition
Document Security Features
Document Preview
Indexing and Searching
Document Classification
Document Types
Document Folders
Advanced Search
Email Documents as attachment
Bulk Upload – Documents & Index
Document Preview
PDF Tools (Merge, Split, Delete PDF Pages)
PDF Compression
Detailed Audit Trail
Document Expiry & Notifications
Database Support
Meta Data & Keyword
Document Editor
Email Documents as link
Role based Access Control
Incident Management System
Version Control
Document Content Search
OCR Engine for Image Content Search
Multi Factor Authentication
LDAP / Active Directory Integration
Automated Workflow

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