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Just Drag & Drop and Create forms

CDOC Form Builder easy-to-use online form builder which allows you to build a customized online form to fit your exact needs in minutes. You can create unlimited forms with our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop form builder that has the layout and flexibility you need.

How CDOC Form builder Helps you?

CDOC Form Builder also helps to reduce the need of papers and you will be able to analyze the collected data. This will be so helpful for the organization to collect the datas from their employees for a event,surveys, polls etc.

customize formCustomizable Forms
One can create a form by just dragging and dropping the fields which they want. Once the form is ready it can be shared with the others. The responses of the form can be seen easily.

event forms Templates
CDOC also provides you a pre-defined template where you can just edit the form based on your requirements and create forms quick in just few minutes.

form route
Surveys and Polls
Share the created surveys or polls with your team members and get their response and view as a dashboard. This helps to understand responses quickly.

Build Forms - Get Response - Collect Data

online forms
  • Use field types on your own by just dragging and dropping .
  • Get free access to customizable template.
  • Share the created forms easily with the members inside or outside the organizations.
  • Store all the response of the forms and view it.
  • Create a online survey or poll and view it with a dashboard to get a clear view .
  • Within few minutes create own forms without coding and share form with password.

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