Document Scanning and Document Digitizing Services

Coralfusion Technologies offer a wide range of professional document scanning and document digitization services in Chennai and Singapore. We offer high-quality document scanning and document digitization services to clients a complete, cost-effective paper-to-electronic solution

Over 15 year, we have provided rapid, seamless, and bulk document scanning services to organizations across multiple enterprises, enabling them to achieve and conversionert data from any source—digital, written, or handwritten.

We are professional document scanning company that focuses on creating information simply accessible in digital format. Our dedicated employees bring new experience within the areas of secure document scanning and electronic document management.

Our document digitization services includes Paper scanning, Medical files Scanning, HR documents Scanning, Customer communication forms Scanning, Forms scanning,Application Forms Scanning, Delivery notes Scanning, Legal case files Scanning, Bulk document scanning, Book scanning, Notebooks Scanning, Plans Scanning, Journals Scanning, Logs Scanning, Bill scanning, Purchase Invoices Scanning, Quotations Scanning, Import Export Documents Scanning, Sales Invoices Scanning, Technical manuals Scanning, Survey Reports Scanning, Technical documents Scanning, and additional.

Document Scanning

Transform Your Office into Digital Workplace

It is the process of using scanners to convert paper documents into digital Images. On-Site Scanning (available on request): If you can’t send us your documents due to sensitive nature or any other reason, our team will come to your place and complete the project on given time.

We helps in identifying and categorising documents by ensuring easy retrieval of documents and keeping it organised.

Scanned documents can be converted into a image format or a PDF format.

Document Scanning Process

Document Scanning Services and Document Digitization Services

Document digitization in chennai
Paper Size and Dimensions Stamp size, C5 - 162mm x 224mm, C4 - 224mm x 324mm, B5 - 176mm x 250mm, B4 - 250mm x 353mm, Letter quadro - 215mm x 279mm, A6 - 105mm x 148mm,A5 - 148mm x 210mm, A4- 210mm x 297mm, A3 - 297mm x 420mm
Scanning Type Black & White (Single or Double Sided), Colour (Single or Double Sided).
Resolutions Offered 200dpi, 300dpi, 400dpi, 600dpi
Indexing Option Yes
Cloud Option Yes
Convertion PDF and Image
Volume(Qty) Unlimited

How much does scanning Cost?

Many factors go into figuring the expense of scanning and indexing your documents. The state of your documents and what number of list fields you'd like to assume the greatest job in the last cost..

When we price a job we consider the following details to give you the best scanning price per page.

  • Scan Volume Size
  • File Condition
  • Metal Content (paper clips, staples, binder clips, etc.)
  • Paper Color (like colors vs. various colors)
  • Paper Size (same, different)
  • Drawings
  • Index Fields

What is Digitization?

Digitization leads to creating a digital copy of physical objects. For example, we scan a paper document save it as a digital document (e.g., PDF, TIFF). In other words, digitization is about converting something non-digital into a digital representation.

Free DMS Software for Digitization Clients

After scanning the documents, we provide document management software with free of cost. Our DMS software which helps to store, manage, track and retrieve your scanned documents. CDOC DMS software is our in-house product and we assist our customers to track easily their documents after the scanning.

So With Coralfusion Technologies, you can do the scanning, document digitization, and DMS software with a very reasonable cost.

We are an IT Software development company and specialize in document industry so that we knew how to handle the document and document types. Every company must aware of how to handle the documents without hassle after the scanning process done.

After scan the documents customer can choose our one of the DMS, to upload the documents so that the Documents can access from anywhere.

We providing a wide range of Professional Document Scanning Services to all types of SME, Enterprise, and Corporate companies. We offer industry-standard document digitization and bulk scanning services provider and we are one of the largest document digitization companies in India and Singapore.

The main goal about the document digitization is the document should store secured place and it must be retrieved easily and effectively. We cover all these aspects and offering very high professional services to our clients.

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