CDOC Cloud is an On-Demand Approach

Cloud based document management is a replacement of the premise document management system. The users don't need to have the required resources for a self hosted system.

Here the user, need not install anything on the system, simply purchase access and bypass all the infrastructure and maintenance issues. It also emulates a traditional desktop interface which allows you to organize your documents into folders and sub folders.

How CDOC Stores Your Documents

In the CDOC Cloud Document management system, your application will be hosted on one of our servers, which are protected by professional backup procedures. Our flexible commercial policy is based on the disk storage required, number of supported users and can be tailored to suit your needs .

CDOC helps you to manage the storage space for your team by assigning quota to each user, by which only the admin can restrict the user to use the storage.


Secure Your Documents

It also guarantees that documents don't reach unauthorized team members by various multi layer security features like two factor authentication, file lock etc.

Quickly configure users and groups permissions to comply with current internal policies and leverage full data encryption to lock down sensitive information.

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