How OCR In A Document Management Software Helps Streamline Business Processes?

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Digitizing different sort of documents is a common necessity in most of the businesses these days. Whether it’s the documents of the employees or the documents of your clients, it’s a sheer pain to manage all the documents manually. You might think of simply capturing a photograph of the specific document, but will it help you keep a note of all the documents? Well, probably not, and this is where a document management software helps you best. This is because these software are designed with features like OCR or optical character recognition that helps scan a document along with the text printed on it. For instance, you want to digitize an article from a certain magazine or a printed contract. Now if you try to do that manually, you may have to spend hours typing and retyping all the minute details and then again, correcting the misprints.

What is OCR?

Optical character recognition is basically a technology that allows you to convert different sorts of documents into searchable or editable data. Whether it’s a scanned paper document, some images or a PDF file, you can convert any and every type of document.

How it works?

If you are given a PDF file or a brochure and want to digitize it, you may need to use a document management software. If you are thinking of getting the job handled with a scanner, it won’t be possible since you won’t be able to make the information available for reviewing. A scanner will basically take a snapshot of the document which is nothing but a collection of few black and black color dots that are popularly known as raster images. If you need to re-purpose or extract the data from the scanned documents or camera images, you will have to use a software with OCR feature. This will simply single out the letters on all the images, put those letters into words, and words into sentences. This enables you to access as well as edit all the content of the original document.

What is the technology of OCR?

The three basic principles that allow human beings to recognize any objects are purposefulness, adaptability and integrity and these are what form the base of an OCR. First off, the software evaluates the pattern of images and documents and divides the page into certain elements like images, tables and texts. Once the characters are separated, those are compared with a bunch of pattern images. This generates hypotheses about the nature of the character. Once all the hypotheses are processed finally, the program creates the final version of the text.

If you are planning to streamline the working method of your business, using a document management software with OCR feature can help you best.

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