What Are The User Benefits Of CoralFusion - CDoc ?

Posted by Coralfusion Technologies

CoralFusion - CDoc is an advanced office automation software that has been designed considering the varying requirements of an office automation software. It acts as a complete office automation platform which enables the users to automate every single business process without any hassle. Business owners can handle even the most complicated tasks with the help of CoralFusion - CDoc. This software has been designed in order to help users store, create, convey, collect and manipulate different types of information. This, in turn, helps business owners handle the different business processes with ease.

Being a state of the art office automation software, CoralFusion - CDoc offers a wide range of possibilities of expansion to all its users. Smart monitoring process, easy management, great deal of energy savings, increased productivity, decreased operational costs and maximum possible usage of resources are some of the major user benefits of using an advanced office automation software like CoralFusion - CDoc. Equipped with different advanced modules like document management, process automation, records management, optical character recognition, mobile application, hot folder and MS office integration, users can perform a lot of actions using CoralFusion - CDoc.

Let’s take a look at the different user benefits of CoralFusion - CDoc

Improved data management

Managing all types of data is one of the major tasks that users can perform with CoralFusion – CDoc.This offers countless strategic advances by simplifying the managing process of stored information. Using CoralFusion - CDoc, large organizations can control and monitor various projects very closely. With the help of an electronic management system they can also keep a close look on the different activities, performed within the office. Reminder or tickler system, task management and program scheduler are some of the features of this component. These features empower businesses to keep a check on all the business processes.

• Data manipulation and storage

The process of data storage includes keeping the confidential and important office records and documents safely. As an office automation system, CoralFusion - CDoc includes different data applications that are usually used to edit or create a file, spreadsheet, image or a document. In this software, different types of desktop presentations and word processing packages are available and these help create or edit the textual data.

• Exchange of data

Exchanging the manipulated as well as stored data is another important component of CoralFusion - CDoc. Exchanging the information or sending files from one member to the others is possible with the help of CoralFusion - CDoc. With the help of a network connection, all the information and data like presentations, text documents, videos, images and spreadsheets can be shared within just a few seconds and that too, in real time. In this way, CoralFusion - CDoc allows the employees of an organization to improve their productivity by collaborating in real time. This also facilitates collaboration with the employees who are working from remote locations.