A Buyers’ Guide for a Document Management System

Posted by Coralfusion Technologies

In the present age of digital marketing, most enterprises can’t even think of controlling all the business related documents manually. This is where an electronic document management system seems to be a feasible solution. If you are into a business, and in charge of handling all the documents, be it of the employees or of the clients, you must have heard of this new age solution that enables easy scanning and storage of every type of documents. If you are completely overwhelmed to manage all those heap of papers, and looking for an easy alternative, a document management software is what can help you best. Studies show that a large percentage of medium as well as large scale enterprises prefer using document management software instead of managing paper files manually. There must be some significant reasons of such a trend. If you are wondering, what are the key reasons why people use an electronic software, here are some key points to take a note of

You can create new files within the system, and can also edit it whenever needed.

You can store documents in different formats – emails, spreadsheets, PDFs and word-processing files.

You can share the documents within departments as well as with your clients and co-workers.

You can get hold of a specific document within the library with the help of individual keyword.

You can control who can access the documents and restrict access for those who are not supposed to access it.

You can keep a close eye on who is viewing which document and exactly when.

If a certain document is edited, you can retrieve the previous versions if needed.

You can keep a track of whatever edits are being made in the documents.

You can access, share and edit all the documents through any mobile device.

You can also control and regulate the process of deleting outdated documents.

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