Why Should You Look For A Document Management Software With Barcode Scanning Feature?

Posted by Coralfusion Technologies

Organizing documents is one of the integral responsibilities of any organization. Whether you are associated with an organization that belongs to the public sector or you work for a company that caters to the private sector, you must have a clear idea about the crucial importance of managing essential documents. Well, there are several ways to organize documents, and in the present scenario, people prefer to follow the digital solution, i.e. using a document management software. This is a special system that enables you to scan and store documents in a systematic way. You can also easily find a specific document and retrieve the needed information with ease while using this software.

There are many businesses that manufacture products that have barcodes. For them, it’s easier to organize all the documents, based on their barcodes. This is why barcode reading is usually considered to be a must have feature of a document management software or document archive system. Organizing documents using barcodes helps improve the accuracy and speed of the entire management workflow. Most importantly, the setup of this process is quite simple.

Why barcodes should be a method of document scanning?

Although there are many organizations that use a document management software, they often don’t understand the value of barcode scanning. Well, there are certainly many benefits of using barcodes while scanning a document. Following the conventional method of document scanning, you have to scan all the documents in different batches and after that, categorize the resulting files into separate groups, according to their names.

On the other hand, a document management software, that can scan barcodes, you can scan loads of documents on one go and the software will automatically name the file and organize it according to the barcode information, that is already embedded. This is why it’s beneficial to use an automatic document feeding scanner. After all the main reason why you buy a high end scanner is that you want the operations to be performed smoothly, during the processing stage, without any delay.

How does it work?

Just like a document management software that has features like optical character recognition or OCR, a software with barcode scanning feature, uses the information available on the scanned images. Once the process of scanning is complete, the software names the documents and also keeps the documents in the right folders, accordingly. However, when a software scans a document using the OCR feature, it may not be able to recognize all the phrases and words accurately. This happens especially when someone scans a document at a lower resolution in order to minimize the total time needed for scanning and reduce the size of the file.

On the other hand, while scanning using barcodes, all the information gets condensed in a way so that computers can easily interpret those. In this method, almost 100% accuracy is expected even if the scanning is done in low resolutions. This also helps reduce the file size and time, required for scanning. But unlike OCR scanning, one doesn’t need to pay additional correction or validation costs.

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