What Are The Varied Functions That You Can Perform Using An Enterprise Document Management System?

Posted by Coralfusion Technologies

Filing management system is undoubtedly an integral part of any business. No matter whether you are associated with a small scale business or a large scale organization, you must have to deal with thousands of documents. Although initially it seems to be possible to manage the documents manually, gradually it becomes an absolutely overwhelming process. This is where a smart solution like enterprise document management system comes to play a crucial role. These software are designed in such an advance way that these help scan and store documents of different types. Moreover, these software act as central repositories in which one can store varied documents in an organized way. This also ensures easy and fast retrieval process, helping the users find a particular document as and when they need it.

There is no doubt about the fact that a smartly designed office file management system helps perform a lot of actions. In fact, the varied utility is what helps make the document management software so popular. Wondering what are the different actions that you can perform using a document management solution? Here is a brief list; take a quick look

Advance search system

Since an enterprise document management system helps store a wide number of documents, it’s important to have an advance search mechanism ready at place. This ensures the users can find the required document just by typing the title of the same in the search box. In fact, there are many software that ensure content search. This ensures the users can get hold of a document just by typing a few catch phrases in the search query.

Restricted access

For any and every business, privacy is undoubtedly the most important concern. You must have to deal with some documents that contain the mission critical business data. Quite obviously, you would like to restrict the access to those crucial documents. With the help of an advance document management software you can ensure restricted access to all those critical documents safely. With this feature, you can ensure that only those who are authorized to access the document can do the same. Even if there is an attempt to access the document illegally, you will get a notification about the same so that you can take the precautionary measures accordingly.Version control

While saving a document in an office file management system, you must be ready to handle multiple edits. Since one single document can be accessed by multiple users, there are high chances that the document will be edited several times. This is where a feature like version control proves to be of great help. This ensures the administrator can keep a track of all the edits that have been made to a single document. This also helps the administrator have an idea regarding the activities of the other employees. Moreover, this feature ensures all the different versions of the documents are available for the administrator to check out. After going through all the versions, he can keep the version of his choice.